Movies from the simulation of cryotreatment

Particle capture or rejection

These movies illustrate the effect of the Hamaker constant value of the behavior of particles near the interface. The first movie shows capture of large and small particles when the Hamaker constant is small. The second shows rejection of both particles when the Hamaker constant is large. The third movie show that small particles are captured, while large particles are rejected for intermediate values of the Hamaker constant.

Adaptive grid method

This movie shows the result of a simulation of the capture of two particles by a cellular interface. The particles are chosen to have a size on the order of the inter-cellular spacing. Notice that the mechanism of capture is the "stalling" of growth by the presence of the inert particle, followed by capture from the sides.

Cell size change by osmotic expression

This movie shows cells interacting with the solidifying interface, including a model for the expression of water from the cell. The cells shrink as water is expressed due to the presence of solute-enriched fluid around the cell. Two different values of the Hamaker constant are used for the two cells to illustrate the phenomena for the two cases.